If You’re Looking For A Job, This Company Will Pay You For Cuddling Kittens All Day Long…

Who isn’t in search of the ideal job? What would you like to do to make a living?

If I had my ideal job, I would stay home all day and do something that I really liked. I could bake or cook or do some arts and crafts! Although spending time with animals and children is fun too! Speaking of animals, Just Cats Clinic in Dublin, Ireland is looking for someone who is willing to come work for them as, well a cat cuddler!

The homeless cats in the clinic need someone who is willing to pet and stroke the cats for long periods of time! This is NOT a joke!

One of the job requirements is that you can speak softly to the cats and calm their nerves! The job listing also states that being able to distinguish between the different types of purring would be an advantage!

There are few other job requirements, and you don’t even need a license to become a ‘professional cat cuddler!’

Just Cats is willing to pay someone that has tons of “Catitude” to help their in-patients and homeless cats.

Can you imagine how rewarding this would be?

I wonder if they will have a nice comfy place for this person to sit and cuddle with the cats? Would there be a television or something?

I know snuggling with cats all day would be fun, but some other form of entertainment might be nice too. After all, cats are supposed to sleep up to 19 hours a day!

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