Women Find An Abandoned Puppy At Airport – And A Heartbreaking Note Lying Beside Him !!!

Puppy Found Alone At Airport With Heartbreaking Note From His Owner

Animal lovers were shocked when they learnt that a 3-month-old Chihuahua named Chewy, was found injured, scared and abandoned in a stall located in a restroom,  Las Vegas airport. The pup was shivering with fright, and had a small note attached to it.

The note told an incredibly heartbreaking tale of abuse and sorrow.

The note described that both Chewy and its former owner were in an abusive relationship, thus Chewy’s owner had to decided to give him up in hope for a better home somewhere else.

Chewy’s owner also went on to state that Chewy had been kicked by her ex-boyfriend, and requires immediate medical attention at the local vet’s. Thankfully, Chewy was rescued just in time – and got the help it needed.

Chewy was brought to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, where founder Linda Gilliam took him in – and he soon settled in quick!

Chewy now resides within the rescue – awaiting for a new home!

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