Shelter Volunteers Were Heartbroken To See Man Smiling As He Surrendered His Puppy…

Owner amused as he surrenders his terrified dog to overcrowded Miami shelter

Some people are too cruel (and clueless). Gordo, the dog, was terrified when he arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Care Shelter. The two-year-old Labrador retriever puppy was being surrendered on July 31 by his owner. The jerk of an owner smiled and laughed as he held up his frightened dog for a photo. At least Gordo is now in better hands.

If this guy thought it was funny to see a terrified dog he never was responsible enough to have a dog. Gordo is described as a neutered male lab bulldog mix. Please spread the word about Gordo so that he can find a forever home soon. No animal deserves to live in a shelter for long.

Take a look at this photo

You can follow Gordo’s story on the Urgent Dogs of Miami Facebook page. If you are interested in fostering, please reach out to Thank you. Share away, people.

Source: Pet Rescue Report ,Facebook