Senior Dog Is Abandoned In A Park, Then Strangers See Heartbreaking Note Lying Beside Him !!!

Senior Dog Is Abandoned In A Park, Then Strangers See Homeless Owner’s Note Begging For A Home

The 11-year-old lab mix known as Cletus is, in lots of ways, the ideal pet: he enjoys playing catch, doesn’t gnaw on almost everything except for his own food, and appears to spend most of his days sporting a big, wacky dog-smile spread across his face.

Yet, behind that warm smile is a very sad tale.

One day, Cletus was spotted at a playground in Snellville, GA, all alone with a box of toys and a sad letter:

“My name is Cletus!
My owner decided she could not keep me anymore because she does not have a place to stay.
I am a very good dog. I’m 11 years old, but I still play like a puppy.
I don’t chew anything but food. I’m housebroken. I’m great with kids.
I play ball, catch Frisbees, and love to give hugs.
Can you please find me a home? I don’t want to go to the shelter.
– Cletus”

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This is Cletus. Even though he is an 11-year-old senior dog, he’s still got the energy and sense of fun of puppy.

Sad to say, he was seen left behind at a playground, when his owner couldn’t look after him anymore.

The letter, composed in red ink, told Cletus’ previous owner’s tragic story.

Gwinnett Animal Shelter shared a note on their Facebook page informing everyone that the senior dog was looking for his furever home.

And, as exhibited by the comments on the right side, optimistic feedback began flowing in right away.

One kind woman known as Jill in fact wanted to adopt him straight away!

And, in a wonderful display of support and empathy, other friendly remarks were also sent to the woman who had no choice but to leave the dog behind because of her own life conditions.

“Wow, whoever left Cletus must really love him. Thank you for not dumping him on the streets. God bless you!” one Facebook user, Angela Segal, wrote.

Thankfully, Cletus found a happy ending to his stressful tale. The organization shared an update stating that he had finally been adopted! As per the Facebook page, he is now very happy with his new human.

Cletus even got his own Facebook page, which is helping to get lots of dogs to be adopted from shelters.

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