They Rescued This Momma Pit Bull And Her Babies But What They Found Next Is Truly Heart Breaking!!!

A Pit Bull and her newborn pups get rescued, but what happens next will amaze you!!!

When Hope For Paws, the non-profit organization working for the rescue and rehabilitation of the helpless and homeless animals, got an urgent call for the rescue of a stray pit bull who had just given birth to five baby pit bulls, they immediately headed for the rescue.

When they reached the scene, they saw that the momma pit bull was quite scared of them as she kept on running here and there. They found that she had given birth to all her babies in the yard. Though she was quite scared at first later she came near the rescuers as she found love with them.

She had given birth to five pit bulls but unfortunately one of them was already still by the time the rescuers had reached the spot. Watch this heart touching video showing the rescue of the momma pit bull and her newborns. Do tell us what you think about it through your comments. We would love to have your opinions on this video!

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Source: YouTube