Puppy Who Doesn’t Want To Be Groomed Starts Throwing Tantrums Like A Little Kid…

Most of us do not like to be disturbed when we are sleeping. Oreo is no different. She is actually a really sweet dog unless her ‘beauty’ sleep is interrupted or disturbed. Today, the 11-month-old pup is at the groomer. Her naptime had to be put on hold for this appointment and Oreo wasn’t shy about letting everyone know that she was upset.

This is the cutest puppy tantrum you will see today! Bobbie Lee runs the grooming business out of her husband’s vet clinic. She said that Oreo just started to ‘whine’ during the session. As you will see, the groomer understands that Oreo was just tired and gives her a hug.

Take a look at this video!

So little Oreo is getting her second groom….you can't help but laugh😃😃!!

Posted by Bobbie Lee on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

She is also patient and enjoys a hearty laugh at all the complaining Oreo does!

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