This Pup Is Born With A ‘Selfie’ On Her Ear – The Most Unique Fur Pattern You’ll Ever See!!!

A selfie is a picture you take of yourself.

Usually, you take the photo to show everyone how your new hairstyle looks or to show everyone how much fun you are having. Most of us need a camera to take selfies. This little black and white pup has a selfie of herself, on her ear!

The pup, Lucy, was born at the Lollypop Farm in Rochester, New York. As you can imagine, as soon as Lucy’s photo was posted people fell in love with her and her ‘selfie ear.’ Shortly after her photo was posted, a family came in to adopt her!

The media attention over Lucy and her ear have been good for Lollypop Farms and their other animals. Dog’s without selfies on their ears are cute and adoptable too! Visit your local shelter and see if your newest family member is there waiting for you!

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