Poor Puppy Was Tied To A Stop Sign With A Bag Of Food And A Heartbreaking Note…

What is the worst thing to do with an animal that you can’t take care of any longer?

The worst thing is to abandon them. It is not only cruel, but it is unfair. Tania Cheek was talking to her friend, Tracalyn Roberts when Roberts saw a dog tied to a stop sign.

Cheek happens to be the owner of a dog-walking business in Houston called Paws on a Stroll and immediately told Roberts to bring the dog to her. The not so kind previous owner of the dog had left a bag of food and a note saying, “Please take care of me.”

Seriously?! Does the city of Houston not have animal shelters?!

The dog was sitting in the shade, but Texas is not known for being a very cool place in the middle of the summer! You can see in the picture that the dog, an American bulldog, is panting and the water bowl is completely empty. How long had he been sitting there all alone? Roberts gathered up the dog and his belongings and loaded him into her car.

She named him Solo and took him to Cheek’s house (which served as a temporary foster home).

Cheek reached out to Love and Rescue to help find Solo a new forever home.

Happily, Cheek’s mom and stepdad adopted Solo!

Cheek and his new brother get along great! Gotta love a happy ending!

Please reach out for help before you just tie your dog to a sign and walk away. There are organizations that can help.

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