Owner Places Optical Illusion In Front Of Cat. Seconds Later, Watch Him Absolutely Lose It…

We all know that cats are curious, intelligent, and rather goofy! They are also sort of wimpy for the most part – they run away at the slightest hint of trouble! The cat in this video has stumbled upon an optical illusion – not many cats have encountered such things!

The cat stares and stares and his eyes probably start playing tricks on him, and he starts to paw at the paper (as if the circles were really moving)! Ok, pawing at the paper is not the most accurate description – the cat actually attacks the paper with a full-on pounce!

The circles on the paper must have kept turning because the cat continues to attack the paper and eventually pokes a hole right in the center! But, wait, he isn’t done yet! Watch the video to see what else happens!

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Source: YouTube