Because No One Would Buy Her For $10, This Wet Puppy Was Abandoned On A Doorstep…

This is Snowflake. She has already been through more heartache than most dogs go through in their lives and she is only five weeks old!

Someone found Snowflake in Bakersfield, California – behind a dumpster. This person then posted an ad on the internet selling her for $10.

No one answered the ad, so the Shar Pei mix pup was then just abandoned on another person’s doorstep. Thankfully, the person who heard noises at his doorstep had more sense than anyone else who had encountered Snowflake.

He brought in the cold, wet dog and started to see if he could find its owners. That is when he saw the ad for Snowflake online.

He learned that Snowflake had no owners and had been found behind a dumpster. At that point, he called the adoption coordinator at Marley’s Mutts, Amanda Brooks.

Snowflake was very thin and dehydrated. Brooks took the pup and called Andrea Bertolucci, a veterinary advisor and the two examined Snowflake. They were able to find Snowflake a foster home – and now Snowflake has a new ‘momma’ dog in Massie.

Massie was not only able to give Snowflake love and attention, but she also taught her how to be a dog. They played, and Snowflake learned not to bite too hard when playing.

These are valuable skills to have if Snowflake is going to be adopted out. Brooks says Snowflake will be ready for adoption soon. Some of her attribute that she is playful and spunky. She is also one healthy pup, despite her rough start.

This video was taken last night. This new baby is Snowflake (named by my three year old). At only five weeks old she was found alone, cold and on the streets. With no one in the neighborhood claiming her (plus we found an old post with her picture on Craigslist with someone claiming to have found her in a dumpster and selling for $10) she needed our help immediately!

Posted by Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Source: Facebook