Man Who Live streamed Himself Raping Dogs – Stripped And Beaten By Animal Activists!!!

Man who ‘livestreamed himself having sex with dogs’ is beaten up

In Chengdu, China, a serial rapist is on the loose. But he didn’t rape children, or women. He raped dogs. He stole dogs, punched and raped them – even strays weren’t spared. He then streamed a video of him having sexual intercourse with those dogs, online. The video soon went viral, and several animal lovers were outraged. They wanted to punish him, with their own means.

They hatched a plan – luring him to an open public space, they disguised themselves as his fans. There, they turned the tables on him. They stripped him naked before punching, slapping and kicking him to the ground amongst the crowd till police officers held them back. Unfortunately, animal laws do not exist in China – the man went scot-free after he was sent to the hospital for medical treatment by authorities.

Click on the video below:

Animals have a right to justice – the canine rapist deserves a life behind bars for his sick crime.

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Source: YouTube