Emotional Moment Hero Brave Man Jumps Through Ice To Save Puppy…

Brave Man Jumps through Ice to Save Puppy

A Canadian TV news crew happened to be in the right place at the right time to see a brave man save his dog’s life.

Duncan McIver was at a dog park near his home in St. Albert, Alberta, where his dog, Cosmo, wandered out onto a frozen pond. When Cosmo fell through the thin ice, Duncan wasted no time at all jumping in after him.

Duncan fell through the same spot, but was able to lift Cosmo up before climbing out. Carrying Cosmo in his arms, he very carefully made his way to land, but fell through again – this time near a shallower area. From there, Cosmo was able to make it back to shore on his own.

A CTV Edmonton news crew was in the area for a story on the hazards of thin ice, and captured it all on video while calling 911 for help.

When the ordeal was over, CTV news reporter Angela Jung took the photo below. It’s a picture of a very cold, very wet Duncan with Cosmo, and a smile that says that he has no regrets. Who wouldn’t do the same for their best friend?

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Source: YouTube