9-Year-Old Hero Tries To Sell His Favorite Toy To Save A Stray Puppy …

Most kids would throw a tantrum just at the idea of losing their favorite toy, but one 9-year-old boy from Argentina didn’t even hesitate to give his skateboard away if it meant helping an injured animal.

Mauco Abeiro, 9, was outside playing with his little brother last week near their home in Guaymallen, Argentina, when the boys came across an injured dog. The dog looked like it had a broken leg. Mauco carried the dog back home even though his family had very little to survive on.

Marco’s mother, Laura, said she told her boys they could not have pets because they were in a bad economic situation themselves. Mauco told his mother that he would sell his skateboard and take this dog to the vet. Mauco went on Facebook to sell the skateboard, one of his favorite toys. He simply asked for someone to buy his skateboard from him.

He said he found the poor dog on the street and it was hurt. If someone could buy his skateboard, he could take the injured dog to the vet. Not many people were interested in the skateboard, but Mauco’s post did go viral. It was shared thousands of times.

Laura said that they got responses from people all around the world and soon had enough money to help the dog – and Mauco got to keep his skateboard! The dog, now named Rocco, is recovering from his injuries. He is no longer alone. Rocco has his very own family now!

Laura says that Rocco runs slowly, but is happy that he is at least running and that her son Mauco is happy. She said that even though things have been tough for the family, Mauco has a great love for animals.

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